Hawaii here I come!

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Hello everyone! Thank you for visiting my blog, I hope you enjoy reading about my travels and enjoy the beauty of each place through my eyes and hopefully the photographs will speak a thousand words for me! Your comments about them will be appreciated and I will reply to you personally!  You can also sign up for RSS feeds so you get notified of new blog posts, enjoy!

Please be patient between posts as I have now realised that it is not going to be easy posting regularly, as many times there is no internet available to me for days at a time! Now lets begin!

First stop Hawaii, first Island on the itinerary; Oahu, Honolulu! Photo below was taken at Waikiki Beach as the sun went down.

Waikiki Beach-8453Waikiki Beach-8453

I have always heard that you better off not having any expectations about anything so you don't get disappointed but I as I had this mental picture of lush greenery, palm trees and beaches, I was naturally disappointed as I travelled from the Airport to Waikiki. I saw a busy, crowded city, with lots of homeless people sleeping on the streets of Waikiki beach, which was extremely crowded with tourists, not my scene but if you like shopping for the big brand labels then this is the place for you!  I would like to give a big Thank You to Will, for his help and guidance during our stay in Honolulu! Photo below was taken of Honolulu in the morning, it was cold and raining!

Ko'olau Cliffs StormKo'olau Cliffs StormKo'olau Cliffs Storm overlooking Honolulu

The next day, I set out on a tour that took me through the North East part of the Island. Funny enough, the tour bus had 22 Australians on it out of 26 people on the bus! Being a photographer means you take your time to craft that perfect shot and so I was  the last one to get back on the bus, which meant I had to do the Hula dance in front of all those people!It was on this tour where I then got the opportunity to see the things I was expecting out of Hawaii, like beautiful tropical scenery, beaches, turtles and my favourite, the lush jagged mammoth Ko'olau cliffs that you can see from Miles away! This is where Jurassic Park 4 was actually being filmed when I stopped by the road overlooking the Ko'olau cliffs as below.

Ko'olau Cliffs-8657Ko'olau Cliffs-8657

Here is a couple of the beaches, on the north east:

Pali BeachPali BeachPali White Beach

Pali Lookout-2Pali Lookout-2

Along the way, I visited the many macadamia, bananas, pineapples and coffee plantations and I must say the best pineapple I have ever tasted, is Hawaiian pineapple! Can't say the same for the coconuts or mangoes which tasted horrible but maybe it was a bad batch. I did love the Taro chips and the macadamias covered in dark chocolate! Surprisingly the bananas are expensive at 65 US cents each but they taste so good!

Had a go at the largest maze in the world (for 2008) on the north part of Honolulu. It is about the size of 3 football fields with many tricky passages and if I had done it on my own, I would definitely have gotten lost! It took 40 minutes to finish it and that was with a map! There were some nice beaches along the way too which even had turtles swimming! Missed out on photographing them out of the water thought!




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