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When a customer arrives at Artistic Photography with a photo to be “fixed”, the restoration process is explained.  The first step is to evaluate the damage. Artistic Photography can restore your treasured memories in many ways like combining two or more photographs, remove objects or add people, create a unique background. Holiday photos that are too dark or have the wrong colour balance or that are too bright can be corrected. Your old ripped and cracked vintage photos can be restored. The possibilities are only limited by your own imagination.

Within many families, the only tangible memories that link with important events of the past are a few cracked and faded photographs glued into the family album. The album probably needs to be restored after years of use, or worse still, neglect.

The photographs are in danger of being lost or deteriorating beyond repair.

Handing over a treasured family photo for restoration to a photographic studio can often be a difficult thing to do as there is concern for its safety. Will it be returned with even more damage? Will it be lost in the process? There is concern about cost. What am I actually paying for?

Retouching a photograph can be very time-consuming with missing components being rebuilt, colours being corrected as well as removing stains and marks. Photographs can also be manipulated to add or remove a background, person or objects. B&W Photographs can show a hint of colour, or Colour images can be created in B&W or brown toned, sepia, etc,  thus we can create a new photograph for future generations to enjoy.

The cost of restoration will vary considerably, depending on the condition of the original photograph and the degree of enhancement required. Artistry and time are the major factors. Prices can vary between $95 to $180, including the new print.

Recognising the importance of restoring these irreplaceable photos is the start toward building a permanent record of a family’s history and achievement for future generations to enjoy.

If you would like us to help you restore a treasured family photograph, there are a number of ways you can send us your photograph:

  1. Via email - You will need to have your photograph scanned into an electronic format to a resolution of 600 Dpi (dots per inch) as a JPG format, then zipped (compressed) and emailed to
  2. Via mail - Please ensure that your photograph is wedged between two pieces of thick cardboard, packaged in a flat envelope and mailed to: Artistic Photography Australia, Shop 6/7 O'Hanlon Place, Nicholls ACT 2913 
  3. Via our gallery - Alternatively you can simply visit our gallery in Gold Creek Square, Nicholls and drop your photograph off. We are open 10 to 3 pm, Tuesday to Sunday.


  Wedding photograph restorationWedding-Photo_Before-and-After-web

Big Corner RestorationBig Corner RestorationComplete removal of all spots and scratches

Goulburn Students Restoration for WebsiteGoulburn Students RestorationFull restoration of ripped photo across faces

Sheep Sale RestorationSheep Sale RestorationLarge photograph restoration

Large Print of RestorationRestoration Printed LargeLarge Print of Restoration

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