Maria Ollman is an artist inspired by life and the beauty of the natural world. 

I am a landscape, nature and travel Photographer who loves being totally absorbed in the beauty of creation - beauty often hidden in the small things. Through my photographs, I hope to stir emotion in you, so you too can appreciate its beauty and be moved to conserve the already delicate World we live in. Photography for me is one way of preserving natural wonders by providing exposure to others of the unseen beauty that exists in nature.

It wasn't until 1984, that I was able to own my very own camera! It was a very expensive hobby back then shooting with film! By 2005 I was selling my photographs at my very own exhibitions, I now have a Gallery of my own where I display my work.

Back then my interest had always been macro photography, especially photographing the tiny details of flowers, then my interest expanded into Landscapes inspired by my travels. Making photographs for me is searching for beauty, enjoying nature, learning to see (instead of just looking at)the small details and the way everything is related.

Lots of things in photography attract me. If I try to define these, it comes down to being impressed. Impressed by the myriads of colors and shapes nature has to offer. Looking carefully at the small things of our world makes me conscious of the vulnerability of beauty. Photographs indeed made people all over the world realize that we have to take better care of the earth entrusted to us.

I challenge myself with every type of photography, I prefer not to tie myself down to any one genre of photography, but nature has always captivated me the most. I love traveling, I love capturing the beauty of nature in all parts of the world.

I think the main message I try to promote in my photography is the beauty of our earth.  The beauty of a place, of spirit, of the soul...of a moment.  But not all beauty has to come from "happy.”  I have a lot of images that I feel convey beauty but through contrast, or darkness, or moodiness.
If people learn to see and appreciate the beauty of creation because of my photographs, then I have accomplished my goal. Thank you for reading about me.