Mike Hague(non-registered)
Love your Pic's!
Wonderful work, Maria.
Margie Burk(non-registered)
Gorgeous galleries Maria...love your work! My favourite photo is the Eucalyptus trees with the different coloured bark.
Best wishes,
Deborah Strickland(non-registered)
Hi Maria,
How fantastic that I won a photo. I'm totally delighted!!!
My favourite is the photo of the moon and the Telstra Tower, it's magnificent.

Congratulations on such a fantastic successful night. It was a joy to see all your work.

M: 0409925013
I saw your beautiful photography at Raw last night.
Congratulations it was a huge turn out.
I loved your story about the bat, how you had to wait for it to fly over you before you captured an amazing shot.
My favourite shot was still the heads in the pond at the gallery with the mist.
Greg Gallagher(non-registered)
Thank you Maria. These are great photos of our products which we need in promoting our business. I was referred by Bill Mason and I also owe him a big thanks. As he suggested, I will also be referring other wineries to you.
These will be on the web site in the near future for all to see.
Regional Wine and Beverage Merchants Servicing Canberra and Southern NSW(non-registered)
We represent a number of wineries from around Australia and we need to have outstanding bottle shots for use on our website and also in our sales and marketing materials.

Artistic Photography and Maria do excellent work for us. The work is always completed to a very high standard and very promptly.

I think the many Canberra wineries that drive the Barton Highway regularly should know that Maria is based in Gold Creek. I am sure it would be convenient for them to use the very professional services of Artistic Photography.

Bill Mason
Maryanne Campbell Funnybone Counselling(non-registered)
Wow, Wow and Wow!!!!!!!!!!!
We are over the moon!!!!!
Such utterly beautiful photos!!! and I managed to look cute in a few of them! Brilliant work!!!

You have captured the moment and captured many more moments between people!!

You took such beautiful photos of my big boy Wunderbar dog, and little Heidi girl!!!
You certainly have the eye!! and technically they look beautiful!!
We were so lucky to find you!!!!!
Thank you Maria!!!!! from all of us!!!!! Maryanne :))
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